Architectural Services 

Provide achitectural consultancy in all Alterations and Additions Works (A&A works), Minor Works Consultancy for existing building and reinstatement of building. 

Licensing Services 

We provide professional services for our client to apply/transfer/renew particular licence issued by the Government of HKSAR for your restaurants, beauty salons, hotels or entertainment complex.

We conduct a preliminary site assessment and provide a comprehensive analysis for you whether the premise could comply with basic licensing conditions.


We also provide services for application for alteration of licensing plan for restaurants/hotels/clubhouses. 


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Other Consultancy Services

  1. Owner applies for temporary waiver and certification of Authorized Person (AP) of floor plan and a site measurement with our draftman services

  2. Owner receives orders from Lands Department in respect of contravention of government lease and seek advice and consultancy 

  3. Consultancy services upon client request in respect of compliances of buildings by appointment of Authorized Person (AP) or Registered Structural Engineer (RSE), Geotechnical Engineers' Register (RGE), Registered Inspector (RI).  

  4. Consultancy services for certification of annual inspection for fire services/ventilation system/air-purifier certification.  

  5. Business consultancy services. 


Websites of Major Government Departments

FEHD Licensing
Liquor Licensing Board
Buildings Department
The Lands Registry
Social Welfare Department
LCSD places of amusement licences
Offce of Licensing Authority