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Food Business Licence Application


  • Restaurant Licence and Provisional Restaurant Licence
  • Bakery Licence and Provisional Bakery Licence
  • Cold Store Licence and Provisional Cold Store Licence
  • Factory Canteen Licence and Provisional Factory Canteen Licence
  • Food Factory Licence and Provisional Food Factory Licence
  • Temporary Food Factory Licence
  • Fresh Provision Shop Licence and Provisional Fresh Provision Shop Licence
  • Frozen Confection Factory Licence and Provisional Frozen Confection Factory Licence
  • Milk Factory Licence and Provisional Milk Factory Licence
  • Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence and Provisional Siu Mei and Lo Mei Shop Licence
  • Composite Food Shop Licence and Provisioinal Composite Food Shop Licence
  • Restricted Food Permits
  • Food Licence/Permit
  • Karaoke Establishment Permit and Provisional Karaoke Establishment Permit in Restaurant
  • Other Trade Licences, namely Commercial Bathhouse Licence, Funeral Parlour Licence, Offensive Trade Licence, Swimming Pool Licence andUndertaker's Licence
  • Places of Public Entertainment Licence and Temporary Places of Public Entertainment Licence
  • Liquor Licence
Compliance Requirement
Restaurants, bakeries, cold stores, factory canteens, food factories, temporary food factories, fresh provision shops, frozen confection factories, milk factories, siu mei and lo mei shops and composite food shops are all required to obtain licences from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) under the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap. 132) and other relevant legislation. FEHD also issues permits for the sale of restricted foods, such as non-bottled drinks, frozen confections, milk and milk beverages, cut fruit, Chinese herb tea, leung fan, sushi, sashimi, oysters to be eaten in raw state, meat to be eaten in raw state, live fish, shell fish and food sold by means of vending machines, and for operating karaoke establishments in restaurants. Licences are only issued to food premises if they conform to the prescribed safety and hygiene standards laid down by law.

Flow Chart Showing the Licensing Procedures by FEHD


Trade licences are required for operating (a) commercial bathhouses, funeral parlours, offensive trades, swimming pools and undertakers; (b) places of public entertainment, including cinemas, theatres, entertainment machine centres and exhibition venues; and (c) temporary places of public entertainment including charity shows or religious ceremonies held temporarily by Kai Fong or other commodities, circuses holding temporarily and dance parties holding temporarily.

Other Licences Application

  • Guesthouse Licence
  • Amusement Game Centre Licence (AGCL)
  • Amusements with Prizes Licence (APWL)
  • Mahjong/Tin Kau Licence
  • Public Dance Hall Licence
  • Massage Establishment Licence
  • Irradiating Apparatus Licence
  • Radioactive Substances Licence
  • Licensing Office of Residential Care Homes for Persons with Disabilities (LORCHD)
  • Licensing of a Residential Care Home for the Elderly (RCHE)
  • Billiard Establishment Licence
  • Public Bowling-alley Licence
  • Public Skating Rink Licence
  • Application for First Registration of Clinic

Other Compliances of Food Safety 

  • Food Safety Ordinance
  • Restricted Food Permit for Online Sales or Offer for Sales of Prepackaged Restricted Food Without Handling and Storage of Food for Sale on Business Premises)