About us

MIRACLE Consultancy Group was established in 2000 providing comprehensive professional services for our clients including Government Departments, Education Organizations, NGO, Owners, Property Developers, End Users of Properties, Investors, Artists, Designers or Contractors.


MIRACLE Consultancy Group provides comprehensive professional services which tailor-made to suit the particular conditions of a project,  and to meet the particular client's requirements.  To satisfy the needs of our clients we are structured to provide a flexible, versatile and diversified range of services.


We are operated by a professional building experts who has veteran experiences on building surveying, architectural services, engineering, restaurant licence applications, liquor licence applications, change of land use and applications for assessment of land premium for over 20 years.


We are also a member of : 

  • Founding Member of Hong Kong Institute of Licences Consultants (HKILC); 

  • An Organisational Member of Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong (PCPD) 


  • Comply related regulations

  • Be trustworthy and accountability

  • Listen and treat people fairly

  • Build connections with customers, communities, regulators and each other

  • Care about the progress, be supportive and responsive




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